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Know your Personality through Indian Astrology

Water Element




Water signs are over-emotional and very intuitive people. They are mysterious, quiet and the most susceptible to changes or varying moods. Water signs are certainly the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Sometimes they can get very jealous, especially the Cancerian and the Scorpio. Water signs are prone to hiding their true feelings and emotions, and only few can peer into their heart. People born under water signs can fall prey to drugs and alcohol, when their emotions are threatened and they can’t cope with the situation anymore. However, they have an ability to understand people and know how to deal with others. In other words they are very caring, loving and helpful people. The most complicated water sign is the Scorpio, who is very jealous and has high protective instinct when it comes to his family or home. On the other hand, the Pisceans are most concerned for the welfare of others, and they are willing to sacrifice their interests in order to help others. Water signs are often artistic and many people believe that they possess certain powers which may be healing or destructive depending on the character development. When others don’t acknowledge their efforts and sacrifices, water signs get deeply hurt.

Fire Element




Fire signs are extremely energetic and over-emotional. They are adventurers with immense energy and are always ready for action. Fire signs are intelligent, self-aware and creative. Just like fire, people born under the fire signs are usually very aggressive, strong, passionate and will not let anything come in their way, but they are also very warm-hearted and friendly by nature. Fire signs are also very optimistic and enthusiastic, so they think that all life problems can be solved. They are not prone to addictions, because they simply love life. They can be very impulsive and therefore they are able to bring themselves into troubles or awkward situations. Fire signs have amazing leadership quality and they are very confident and dynamic. At times, they can be arrogant, self-centered and rude. But, of course there is a big difference between the fire signs of the zodiac. For example the Sagittarian is the most optimistic and understandable sign, Aries is the bravest sign, while Leo is driven by the desire to be loved and admired. People born under the signs of Aries and Leo have a stronger ego, and it can happen to be hated by the people because of their need to dominate or impose their superior energy. People born under the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have a tremendous need to prove themselves in bed. The Sagittarian is prone to affairs, promiscuity and parallel relationships. Fire signs are definitely more energetic, enthusiastic and more potent. Leos are most faithful of all fire signs and they can often be very good fathers.

Earth Element




Earth signs are very conservative and realistic. They are practical, emotional and love luxury and material goods. Earth signs are inclined to skepticism, political calculation, prudence and mathematical comprehension. They are down to earth, humble, stable, solid, dependable and don’t aim for recognition. The Virgo and the Taurean can be very stubborn and rigid at times. The Taurean tends to be lazy and knows how to enjoy in life, the Capricorn is the most ambitious, while the Virgo is smart and analytical. All signs Earth signs are very good workers, responsible and capable, but they dislike change. The Virgo is often the most humble sign, full of indecision and has no desire to lead, while the Capricorn will grab all the opportunities in order to succeed in life. The Taurean is not as diligent or ambitious, and enjoys in material things and good food. Given a choice, they would happily be contented with what they already have, and because of this characteristic, they sometimes let good opportunities slip through their fingers.

Air Element




Air signs are very communicative, creative and lively. They are intelligent, curious, open to socializing and dating, and always have a need to learn new things. Air signs are able to adapt to any situation in life and possess a great need to learning. Air signs are thinkers who would make sure that their plans get materialized. They can be very unpredictable and goal oriented at times, so that they would not waste time on emotional discussions. They are exceptionally good at finding answers and solving problems. The Gemini is the most curious and most clever of the air signs. Libras are refined and charming – lovers of all things beautiful. They have strong views about justice, harmony and civilized behavior. Aquarius-born are very compassionate and eccentric. People born under the air signs can survive much easier love dramas and crisis. They can easily communicate with other signs. Libras are not able to be alone, while the Aquarians are mostly single or divorced, because they can’t stand authority and don’t want someone to guide them through life. Air signs are very intellectual and successful in business marketing and communication. They have great ideas, but if they don’t possess a strong personality, their “genius” ideas are mostly useless or unused.