Sanatan Dharma
In India, Sanatan Dharma is the prime religion (Hinduism) and of course Hindustan was a land of Sanatani Hindus from time immemorial.
If you don't have time to revisit History, then please search 'Bharat Ek Khoj' serial, which was being telecasted by DD in 2000s. It has some 30 episodes and Indian Culture and Indian History was being portrayed very nicely in it and all episodes are available on you tube (pre and post independence History).
Bharat Ek Khoj
Indus/Sindhu Valley Civilization
It has described how Sanatanis or Aryans used to live on the banks of River Sindhu and later became popularly known as Hindus. Usually Hindus are Peace-loving and used to be good at Agriculture. There were great Saints in Hinduism like Buddha, Nanak, Kabir, Mahaveer who wanted to propagate their way of worship through their sects as Buddhism, Sikhism, Kabirpanthi, Jainism respectively.
Kings and Dynasties of India
Any other religions and religious sects available in India ( which are not subsets of Hinduism) like Islam, Judaism, Parsis, Christianity, Wahais etc are all descendants of invaders who invaded India from time to time. So. followers of these sects are either direct dynastical descendants or converted either forcefully or through deceiving poor Hindus from time to time by luring them with money, jobs or food ( social security) !!!
Invastion on India
Most of the invaders who invaded India like Islamic invaders in 8th Century were from Persia ( Region which is now part of Iran, Afghanistan and SE Asia) were barbaric and entered undivided India for trade and commerce!! Earlier Hindus were all vegetarians and these people introduced non-veg into Indian culture!! Gradually, they attacked Hindu kings and plundered their wealth. These barbaric communities have some descendants even till date who have similar mindset and want to make India an Islamic country by bloodshed!!! They are called Jehadis who blindly believe in bloodshed and have strong beliefs that non-Muslims are Kafirs and need to be killed so that they will get place in Heaven!!! For them killing is just another activity like sleeping, eating, walking etc. They can kill anyone for that matter!!
British Raj
Similarly, Britishers brought in Christianity along with them and converted many poor people all around India. They had similar attitude as Mughals. After independence Britishers left India but they helped India becoming two parts ie India and Pakistan. East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971.
Partition of India
The biggest mistake of partition was that it didn't force all anti nationals leave India to Pakistan. Some killers, haters, jihadis got stuck over here who need to be kicked out before they will make India another Syria. Only peace-loving people will stay in Hindustan in peace and harmony..

Article by - Prabodh Mishra

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