Personality Development
We will skip here the definitions and jargons about personality and go straight to Personality Development in everyday terms. Simply put, personality means all the aspects of a person’s character that make them different from others.
To be successful in your career, in whatever job you do, whether it be that of an intern, a managing director, or a self-employed person, you need to stand out in an agreeable manner. In other words, your personality must appear attractive to people around.
How do you achieve that? Here are a few mantras:
Personality Development
External Appearance
The first impression leaves a lasting impression. Even before you start to speak, people build an image of you in their minds. Your dress sense counts a lot towards making that first impression. Your level of confidence, your style, your mannerisms all send out vibes that set the stage for positive interaction. You may not be able to do much about your beauty, handsomeness, height or build. But do dress well, every time, suiting the occasion.

This is not to say that appearance is the most significant aspect of your personality. We have placed it on top of the list, because it happens to get noticed first. In fact, it is the least important one. Think of Gandhiji, Dr Abdul Kalam, Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar. A striking appearance was not their best asset. There is more to just good looks. But until you become a celebrity, you’ll do well to dress up with sobriety and panache.
Sadhguru on External Appearance
Communication Skills
Communication skills How you talk, your language (including your body language) makes you noticeable out in a group. It speaks volumes about your character and confidence. You need to develop the ability to talk pleasantly, correctly and knowledgeably. No loose talks. If a smart, well-dressed person uses foul language or cuss words, they giveaway their indecent character. And do not just talk, because you can talk better than the other person. Listen. Allow the other person to speak. Listening is an inherent part of good communication, and it shows that you care for and respect that person.

A dash of humour adds to your personality. It’s an art that you need to develop by listening to great personages. It breaks the formality in a conversation and sets the stage for some hearty chat. There is a caution here – for the sake of humour, do not be critical or satirical about people, traditions, culture, religion and other sensitive issues; do not be offensive. Laugh with people, never laugh at people.
Communication Skill
Today, we live in a knowledge-based society. In a fast-moving, digital world, where all information is available on the mobile screen, one cannot browbeat and getaway with scanty knowledge. Alright, your looks are awesome, you can deliver speeches like Alexander, but without depth, your talk will seem hollow. People will be able to see through you. It’s vital that you remain genned upthrough reading good books and articles. An all-round knowledge of happenings puts one on a good stand. Come prepared if you are pitching a subject. You must haveseen, on the television, celebrities like film stars speaking on different issues. Notice their depth of knowledge on a range of topics. Personality and knowledge go hand in hand. We would say that knowledge is the most essential factor that contributes to your personality.

As you climb higher on the ladder of life, you’ll need to participate in discussions. Even to get selected for your first job, you’ll need to pass in a practical test called Group Discussion (GD). To get noticed in any discussion, you have to be well-read and knowledgeable. In a conversation, whether in a group or with a single person, always respect the opinion of the ones you are discussing withand praise them. Do not attack them personally, though you may counter their idea. But do it with respect and with credible information. And if a heated debate is on, as a person of sterling character, keep your distance from that spot.

What do you do in a discussion, when you haven’t any idea on the topic being discussed? It is best to keep quiet. Better still to admit that you are in the dark and would like to learn about the subject. You’ll be looked upon as a man (or woman) of few words who knows when and what to talk. It is said, it is better to keep silent and be thought of as ignorant than to open your mouth and prove the same.
How to be Intelligent
Company Of Personalities
Company of Personalities A person is judged by the company they keep. So, keep company with successful people. Some of their personality is sure to rub off on you. You’ll tend to emulate their qualities, and, in time, you’ll shine in your own personality. (And to avoid the opposite effect, keep away from bad company.)
Four Personality type
In whichever field you work, be passionate about your job, work sincerely, be unique in your approach to a problem, take up challenging problems. And put in some extra hours at work. All in all, be a thorough professional at your job. Your lack in every other area, you can make up through sheer professionalism. You may not have the striking looks and attire, you may be shy in conversations, you may lack the company of highfliers, but if you are a thorough professional, you will be on high demand. Others will desire your company; they will listen to you, however slowly you speak; they will imitate your shy style.
Good Health
We have talked so far about honing mental capabilities, mostly. At the same time, one must exercise regularly and keep in the best of physical health. It adds to your outward appearance, keeps your mental faculties sharp, and keeps you going for a long time, not to mention, it props up your confidence level. An athletic body certainly exudes more personality than a pot-bellied one.
Finally, be true
In a world beset with corruption, deceit, and lies, one should stand out as a man (or woman) of honour. Indulging in unfair practices might give you some gains and even recognition, but that is only superficial and for a short period. Being true to one’s conscience gives everlasting freedom, peace, and a kind of confidence that will make people think twice before they play some gimmick on you. Be positive, be honest, and you’ll find yourself standing head and shoulders above your peers.

In the end, we recommend two books that you may begin reading – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. These are good ones to start you off on your journey ofpositivelifestyle, but you need to keep reading good books to upgrade your knowledge.

Article by - Surendra Nath

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