Celebfie Mediaa
Celebfie has changed the whole concept of celebrity-fan interaction. Popular personalities from fields like films, television, music, sports and the likes are a valuable part of Celebfie. It provides its fans a candid and personal view of their favourite celebrity's life. The celebrities interact with their fans directly, which also allows the fans to see their exclusive content before others see it. Celebfie provides its fans a unique option of customized requests, which means that if you want your favourite star to wish you or your loved ones on important occasions, you can request them to do so by paying a certain amount for the requests made. Once the celebrity accepts and submits the request, only then the requester is charged for the same.
The App brings together three aspects of the entertainment industry ie., celebrities, social media influencers and brands. Celebfie is an unfiltered medium for these three aspects to communicate with the audiences. During an interview with the founder and CEO of Celebfie, Mr Raminder Singh stated, "Celebfie is a high-leverage content-based business. It is high leverage because we have celebrities, influencers and the likes on board with us and it is business because it has a huge market opportunity and the need for micro-content around celebrities." Furthermore, in conversation with Mr Praveer Singh, Co-founder of Celebfie added that, "Every celebfie video will be shared throughout a fan's social network which will effectively help the celeb featured therein to build their brands and increase their fan following across the globe."
In this way the Celebfie app is a unique "One-to-many" model. If you want a personal level interaction with your favourite celebrity, then Download the App now from the App or Play Store. Sign-Up and create a profile. Once that is done, you can search through various categories and subcategories of your favourite stars and embark on the journey of knowing them better. Its as simple as that. Celebfie is a perfect App for the fans, celebrities and everyone starting from superstars to internet stars to internet influencers and for all those who have a new way to interact and get connected.